Conferences and workshops 2022

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Across 2 days, attend conferences and expert workshops about the key topics and challenges in your industry.  

Wednesday 15 June 2022

8h30 - 9h45 | Opening Conference

Conference in two parts

Part 1 : Logistics serving a successful France

With Anne-Marie Idrac, Président of France Logistique, Former French Minister

Part 2 : The procurement nightmare

In the wake of thepandemic over the past two years, supply chains have suffered - and are still suffering - terribly. Once again, China, the "factory of the world", gets nervous and plays a "zero Covid" strategy. Factories are closing, the country and its main cities go into lockdown... Monumental delays in the manufacture of semi-conductors, a phenomenal increase in the cost of transporting a container during a brutal recovery... all these events are disrupting companies in France and accross the world.

To open this first edition of Top Logisitics Europe, Frank Journo (Néo 26) and guests offer an overview of the art of procurement: process and evolutions, short- and mid-terms consequences for the economy, solutions and countermeasures.

Hosted by Frank Journo, General Director, Néo 26 with David Licour, Group Purchasing Director at Lyreco and member of the CNA Hauts de France board, Michael Lasry, CEO at Potiron and Nicolas Sépulchre De Condé, Development Director at IN2LOG

10h20 - 10h55 | Expert Workshop : GENERIX

Labor Management

The HR challenges in the context of sites automation and the Human-Machine collaboration. How to plan and manage production means with the mix human - robot ?

With Isabelle Badoc, Product Marketing Director, Generix

11h30 - 12h05 |Conference : MEYRONNE

Logistics penalties: applicable rules

The terms and conditions for the implementation of logistics penalties were modified last October. The Commercial Code thus provides a new framework for this process, which is a source of conflict between manufacturers and distributors. Here is an update on current practices and those that should be respected.

With Jean-Paul Meyronneinc, Associate Lecturer at the University G. Eiffel University Lecturer, Paris 1 and Dauphine Universities

15h00 - 15h35 | Round Table : EURALOGISTIC

Digital twins in Logistics: an essential decision support system

Upstream modeling of logistics and supply chain flows is becoming an essential tool for flow optimisation and project definition. The Hauts-de-France region and in particular the CEA, in conjonction with companies, the Pôle Euralogistic (Euralogistic cluster) and the university have developed a deep expertise on this area. 

With Marc Mazzolini, Director of OGIP Organisation, Samuel Pitoula and Clément Maisons, Project Managers at CEA TECH, Ksenija Banovac, Innovation & Strategic Foresight Manager at Ports de Lille and Benjamin Laffineur, Director of Innovation at Log's. 

16h10 - 16h45 |Expert Workshop : EXOTEC

Goods-to-person, the advantages of the Skypod system by Exotec

With its Skypod technology, Exotec offers a 3D goods-to-person system that is extremely flexible, capable to adapt to unexpected changes and densify stock thanks to its robots able to reach 12m-high items and moving at a 4m/s speed. Join us for an overview of the supply chain most common challenges within various industries and learn how the Skypod system can help resolve these issues with its unique set of functionalities.

In short:

  • How to know if the warehouse robotics is the right order management process for your company ?
  • How the Skypod system can adapt to your need and growth ?
  • Case study: how brands like Gap, Gymshark and Decathlon use order picking robots to improve the efficiency and economy of their logistics operations.

With Jérémie Rozenblum, Sales Executive, Exotec

17h20 - 17h55 | Round-table : Suply Chain : let's talk about cybersecurity ?

Supply Chain : let's talk about cybersecurtity?

The Supply Chain is hardly ever associated with cybersecurity. In an incrementally digital environment, it is surely a mistake as a cyber attacks can make terrible damages from stopping an entire factory or interrupting products deliveries. Every organisations, from big companies to SMEs, are concerned as studies show these events are likely to increase. So instead of waiting and suffer, companies have to become aware of the threat very quickly and implement a protective and resilient approach. 

What are the risks ? How Supply Chain managers can get ready for it ? What actions can be put in place ?

These questions will be adressed during this round table with Philippe Ball and Benoit Bouffard, Managers at Wavestone, which have just published a white paper on the subject in collaboration with France Supply Chain. This round-table will be hosted by Florence Puybareau, Content Director at DG Consultants. 

 18h30 - 19h05 | Expert Workshop : AUTF

Digitalisation of maritime transport

The maritime sector is complex.
the lack of transparency towards operations and fees continue to intensify with regular crisis impacting global supply chains. 
More than ever, shippers needs more visibility in the short-, mid- and long-term. But to do so, information needs to be mastered. The solution: digitalisation.

With Jean-Michel Garcia, International Transport Delegate, Antoine Martin, Directeur Commercial, BuyCo et Victor Beuzelin, Enterprise Account Executive – XENETA


Thursday 16 June 2022

09h10 - 09h45 | Expert Workshop  : ADAMEO

Does improving logistics performances necessarily involve automation?

Many of our clients ask for our help to plan their logistics activities in a new site (or an extension). We give them support in the sizing their project in line with their global strategy and growth prospects. One of the key questions to ask yourself before thinking about this project : What are the conditions for automation to be profitable?

With Guillaume Mullier, Head of Business Development, Innovation, Marketing & Communication, Adameo

10h20 - 10h55 | Expert Workshop : ACTEOS

The right resource, in the right place, at the right time: how predictive intelligence can optimise your warehouse

Calibrating warehouse resources is a complex task for managers faced with variable logistics activities, with peaks and troughs that are sometimes difficult to anticipate on a daily basis. With more than thirty years of experience in the WMS market, Acteos has developed a new solution for forecasting resources, the objective of which is to offer a reliable forecast of the load, which can then be transposed into resource requirements.

During this workshop, Christian Zelle, R&D Director at Acteos, will review the functionalities and benefits of this solution and will propose an immersion in the tool.

11h30 - 12h05 | Expert Workshop : HYLICO

What investments should be made to decarbonise road freight transport? The case of green hydrogen.

At a time when energy has never been so expensive, and tax and regulations are increasingly restrictive for heavy goods vehicles, particularly with the introduction of low-emission zones (LEZ), what investment strategies should trucks fleets adopt?

With Lionel Bertuit, Direction Mobilité et Hydrogène at Hylico

15h00 - 15h35 | Expert Workshop  : AUTF

Green Supply Chain : improve the sustainable performance of your Supply Chain

The logistics industry plays an important role in gloabal warming. 
Today, erverything that is close to the product life cycle or to the transportation of goods is at the core of a sustainable issue. 
Encouraging companies to engage with sustainability is more than ever a requirement and the beginning of many competitive advantage. 

With Anne-Sophie Loisel, Responsable transport, Tikamoon, Yoann Lechat, Responsable RSE - Tikamoon, Gloriady Isolo Chargée de projet FRET21

16h10 - 17h20 | Closing Conference

Logistics 4.0 : A critical view on the Supply Chain of 2030

IOT, big data, 5G, blockchain, AI and even the metaverse, the logistics sector is at the beginning of tremendous technological changes.

What possibilities these new tools uncover? What new behaviours does it encourage for companies, logistics coordinators or shippers? What due dates should we expect? What risks does this imply, especially regarding resource management?

In fact, when facing technologies, the part played by humans will be more important than ever. Who should you hire in the future of Supply Chain? How to train and manage your teams? Logistics 4.0 raises so many questions, to which this closing conference will give answers to.

Hosted by Cécile Desjardins, journalist, with Anthony Catillon, Director at Log'issimo, Christophe Leininger, CTO at B2P web, Eric Siebering, TMS & SCM Operations and Support Director at FM Logistics, Alexandre Sterlin, President  of ETYO and James Rebours, Chief Operating Officer at