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For two days, come and participate in conferences and workshops of quality experts around logistics topics and issues.

Wednesday, 15 June 

8:35am - 9:45am : 2020, a black year for the markets, a boost for logistics innovation

Round table

On March 17, 2020, France officially went into lockdown, marking a brutal halt for the entire economy and profoundly disrupting consumer habits... Many contextual changes on the one hand: a drop in demand, supply problems, health constraints, changes in work organization... And so many structural changes on the other hand, since buyers have also had to rethink their offers, slowing down on the last mile, speeding up on click & collect or on "intelligent" stock management. The logistics sector has been forced to adapt to a real revolution! Exceptional situations call for exceptional measures! Has logistics gained months, even years, of innovation during this crisis? Let's discuss this with the major buyers.

Moderator: Franck Journo - Néo 26

Speakers : Matthieu Huglo - Logistics Director - Vygon Jean-Rafaël Garcia - Supply-Chain Director - Kingfisher

Néo 26
11:30am - 12:05pm : Logistics service contract: rules to be applied


In practice, unlike transport, there is no real standard storage contract. At most, there are standard models from professional federations or specialised books. Therefore, we are often in a tailor- made construction... But which must still obey a few specific rules.

Speaker: Jean-Paul Meyronneinc

3:00pm - 3:35pm : What will be the real employment impact of warehouse automation ?


Following the crisis, given the new logistical imperatives linked to the acceleration of e-commerce, and the level of maturity of logistics automation solutions, the question arises in the territories as to whether the boom in logistics employment in recent years will reach a saturation level or even risk decreasing.

6:30pm - 07:05pm : Digitalisation of maritime transport


The maritime sector is complex. The lack of transparency in operations and tariffs is increasing with the repeated crisis that have a major impact on the global supply chain. More than ever, shippers need short, medium, and long-term visibility, and this requires information control. The solution is digitalisation.

Speakers: Jean Michel Garcia – délégué aux transports internationaux – AUTF Benoit Fichefeux - Co-Founder-Chief Sales & Operations Officer – Buy Co Antoine Martin – Directeur Commercial – Xeneta


Thursday, 16 June 

9:10 am - 9:45 am : Inventory agility to improve retailers' margins


As soon as a Item is set up in a store, out-of-stock and sleeping stocks are created! No algorithm can perfectly predict sales evolution. Therefore, the supply chain becomes crucial to change this situation. Better still, it can also improve the company's margin and profitability. How can it do this? By developing its agility!

Speaker: Stephane Lefebvre - Logistics Branch Managing Director

10:20 am - 10:55 am : How to reconcile warehouses technologic developments and user experience ?


Warehouse is constantly evolving: automatization, robotization, drones... But it’s real value is its users. They are the key to good logistic processes, therefore we need to implement simple and fitting solutions in order to improve productivity.

Speakers: Thomas Felfeli - Directeur Général Délégué - Acteos Philippe Morel - Business Development Manager - TopSystem

11:30 am - 12:05 pm : Warehouse/carrier liability: what are the differences?


Obligation of result for one. For the other, it's a question of means. In the event of a dispute over the goods, the consequences are not the same (compensation, prescriptions, burden of proof, etc.). And the situation becomes more difficult when the goods are stored in a warehouse that becomes an accessory to a transport operation.

Speaker: Jean-Paul Meyronneinc

3:00 pm - 3:35 pm : Green Supply Chain: improving the environmental performance of your Supply Chain


The logistics industry has an important role in global warming, and everything related to the life cycle of products and the transportation of goods is now at the heart of an environmental issue. Encouraging companies to move towards sustainability is a growing necessity and a source of many competitive advantages.

Speakers: Vanessa Fumoleau - chargée de projet FRET21 Gloriady Isolo Bongili - chargée de projet FRET21