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Top Logistics Europe will allow you to meet 90 exclusive guests, to promote your offers and to build new partnerships.

Reasons to participate

100% Decision-makers

Present your solutions to 90 project leaders and top decision-makers selected for the relevance of their needs among the departments in charge of logistics and supply-chain Security: Logistics & Supply-Chain Directors, Purchasing Directors... Decision-makers that you won't find at other events!

100% Networking

Thanks to our personalised service and the identification of guests, meet the most interesting profiles for your prospection during individual meetings. More informal formats - lunches, cocktail parties - will also facilitate exchanges between participants, in a more convivial atmosphere.

100% Content

Present your innovative solutions during your meetings, take advantage of the plenary conferences to learn about market trends and developments, discuss in depth the future development of the sector...

100% ROI

Save time in your sales prospecting by making no less than 12 highly qualified One-to-One meetings in only 2 days. Save time and money with our turnkey package, easing your logistics. Calculate your short-term ROI by studying the detailed description of each project, including budget and timing.

100% Premium

Being selected as one of the 90 partners of the event identifies you as a major actor of the sector in the eyes of professionals and specialized press. It also reinforces your reputation as an innovative company, enhances your initiative and highlights your contribution to the market by participating in the launch of a new event dedicated to logistics and supply chain.

Skills area

You are involved in the following areas on a daily basis

  • Supply-Chain
    • Collaborative applications and platforms
    • Logistics consulting
    • Green logistics
    • Automation solutions for the supply chain
    • Reverse logistics
  • Warehouse management
    • Flow management
    • Warehouse logistics
    • Packaging
    • Controlled temperature
  • Real estate
    • Logistics real estate engineering
    • HQE logistics buildings
  • Logistics services
    • Management of flows and intercontinental transport
    • On-board IT, tracking, guiding, locating
    • Customs consulting and logistics
    • Organization of the logistics chain
    • Connected information system
  • Handling
    • Storage
    • Repackaging, contract packaging, co-packing

Find all the details of the fields of competences on our nomenclature